Site Proposals

Logic Land propose a beautiful 44-mixed unit residential development which will include a selection of flats, detached, semi-detached and terraced housing. The diverse tenure will provide six 4-bedroom houses, twelve 3-bedroom houses, sixteen 2-bedroom houses and ten 1-bedroom apartments. All houses possess garden space and some of the larger 3 and 4-bedroom family homes have single garages.

Existing access via the A4012 will be retained and the development will focus around a principle C-shaped road creating a nice flow through the development and an interesting street scene.

As the site is bounded by commercial space and highways, Logic Land would like to reserve an area of the land for open green space. Approximately 500 metres squared of green space has been set aside for public open space use situated just at the front of Briggington House.

Houses will be set at 2 storey height, reflecting the predominant scale and character of the existing and approved surrounding suburban development. Flats will also stand at 2 storeys, designed to appear as semi-detached, or terraced houses.

To retain the character of the local vernacular, Logic Land wish to preserve the mature group of lime trees that make up the frontage of Leighton Road. New trees will also be planted along the principal road alongside shrubs and hedgerows. The retained and proposed boundary landscaping features will minimise the visual impact of the development.

85 parking spaces are proposed for the 44 dwellings as well as a mix of curtilage spaces, garages and small parking courts. Parking spaces are provided on the basis of 3 spaces for 4-bedroom units, 2 spaces for 3 and 2-bedroom units and 1 space for 1-bedroom flats. In addition to 5 visitor bays dispersed around the site.

After receiving pre-application advice from Central Bedfordshire Council, Thrive have responded and collaborated with council officers to reduce the size of the development by 4 units.

      mixed unit residential development
      parking spaces
     4-bedroom houses
     3-bedroom houses
     2-bedroom houses
     1-bedroom houses