From initial surveys, the site does not contain any significant habitats. Logic Land will look to incorporate measures that will work to deliver biodiversity net gains. Sustainable travel is a core consideration for any new development, Logic Land have ensured that cleaner modes of travel are always an option for new and existing residents. Conveniently placed bus stops and close proximity to Leighton Buzzard station help to promote these ideals. Local facilities are also located nearby diminishing the requirement for private car travel to access said facilities.

EV car charging points
Low flow taps and water fittings

With regards to sustainable infrastructure within each dwelling, Thrive are looking to introduce the following measures:

  • A ‘fabric first’ construction approach. This approach to construction reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 10%. Particularly through the development phase. By using high performing materials and adapting the principles of air tightness and ventilation, you can minimise the energy needed to heat and cool homes.
  • Solar Panels. Thrive will ensure that roofs have enough space and face in the correct direction to allow maximum absorption of the sun’s energy.
  • EV car charging points. This will help to encourage residents to use electrical vehicles and provide a convenient way to recharge electrical vehicles.
  • Low flow taps and water fittings. These measures will help to minimise unnecessary water waste.
  • Redress some of the need for local housing.
  • Develop on a brownfield site that requires no green land to be lost. These sites should always come first before Green Belt releases, as required by government policy.
  • Provide great quality affordable housing that will include smaller units alongside much needed larger family homes.
  • Contribute towards the new wave of sustainable, environmentally friendly housing that will work to reduce CO2 emissions and limit any unnecessary wastage.
  • Allow trusted developers to make a positive contribution to the area through the delivery of a high quality, well-designed scheme.